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Tiffany Mitchell post motorbike accident

Influencer mocked over 'staged' motorbike accident

The professional photos and product placement raised suspicion.

The new Gen 3 is bigger, chunkier - and supposed to be safer.

Lime reveals newer, safer, smarter generation of e-scooters

It may be some time before you can give it a go.

Watch the dramatic incident.

Watch: 'Scary' footage shows caravan flipping after speedy overtake

Queensland police want motorists to take note.

The park was closed following the incident.

Dozens injured after freak 'tsunami pool' accident

Shocking video shows swimmers being swept away.


Shocking footage shows man plummeting towards the ground after bungy cord snaps

The man was reportedly conscious after the fall.

Watch: Waterview Tunnel has been labelled a "success" by the NZTA.

'Scary' radio takeover heard in Auckland tunnel explained

Don't worry, it's not aliens.


'Multi-vehicle' crash blocks lanes on Auckland's motorway

Motorists are being warned to consider different routes heading north.

NZTA tweeted a picture of the traffic.

'Avoid the area': Auckland motorists warned of 'lengthy delays' after crash

It blocked multiple lanes.


Family crushed by 15-metre tree in Queenstown still traumatised

"I'm still having sleepless nights and having nightmares."

The balloon draped across high-voltage power lines.

Hot air balloon deflates mid-flight near power lines in the Tasman District

The three passengers and pilot were able to escape unharmed.

The fire alarm resulted in a hasty end to the show.

Watch: The AM Show abruptly goes off-air as segment triggers evacuation

Viewers were left puzzled.

The 18-year-old is suffering with the effects of a brain injury after a banged head last year.

UK student opens up about extreme fatigue after a night out left her with a brain injury

A knock to the head on a toilet door left the 18-year-old with a severe brain injury.

The Pohokura Rd / State Highway 5 intersection.

Passengers freed after car plunges down bank near Taupo

They have been taken for a medical assessment.

Tevita Kava's family still don't have answers, two years after the 29-year-old's death.

Family of man who fell from boat ramp still search for answers

A court ruling has left them in limbo.

The little girl was rushed to hospital after being electrocuted by a phone charger cable.

Toddler electrocuted after putting phone charger in mouth

The two-year-old girl had been left alone near a power socket.

A soldier has been shot during a training exercise at Ardmore base.

Soldier shot during live training exercise at NZDF Ardmore base

The training activity is now suspended.

Police car

Six people injured after car rolls in Auckland

Two people are in hospital after the crash on a busy Mt Wellington road.

The incident caused a standstill on the motorway.

Man who fell from vehicle on Auckland motorway named

The incident brought the motorway to a standstill.

Angel Mulu was a real life angel for Margaret Gunderson.

Real life Angel: How good Samaritan saved crash victim's life

"As soon as I told her what my name was, she stopped breathing."

A 26-year-old prankster (pictured right) who loved winding his partner up died by misadventure.

UK practical joker dies during a prank gone wrong

The practical joker loved to act out a number of deadly pranks to wind up his girlfriend.