Hamilton - Latest News and Headlines

Health Minister David Clark and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

$100m for Waikato mental health facility

Hamilton's current service is "no longer fit for purpose" according to the PM.

Parents were being urged to check their children had been vaccinated.

1200 people exposed to measles at church camp

Anyone not immunised was being told to go into quarantine.

Watch: Meet the Mayors around New Zealand.

'Price to pay': Outgoing Mayor defends hefty rates hike that cost him his job

Andrew King served just one term as Mayor of Hamilton - but wouldn't change a thing.

Watch: Hamilton Mayoral candidate Lisa Lewis on The AM Show.

Late surge in voters showing up to cast ballots in person

Voter turnout this local election may not be as low as first thought.

Watch: Mayoral candidate Lisa Lewis vows to never streak again

Lisa Lewis says mayoral candidates should release TradeMe feedback

"I deem TradeMe feedback more valuable than a CV."

NZ Police

Man in critical condition after alleged stabbing in Hamilton

The incident happened on Tristram Street on Sunday afternoon.

There's just over a week until polling day.

Concern over low vote-returns as local elections loom

With just over a week until polling day, voters seem to be holding off.

Lisa Lewis.

Lisa Lewis' warning over calls for topless swimming pools

Her advice comes after a Wellington City Council candidate calls for "topless public swimming pools".

Watch: Security footage of the incident.

'Unacceptable': Mayoral candidate shares video of 'school kid' throwing a stone at dog

"It's actually upset me that someone would think that it's okay to do this."

Debt, deceit and scathing accusations lie in the wake of a dream.

Man who swindled cash from Johnny Danger's beer company lured another businessman into con

"It was a really good lesson that I didn't need to learn."

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'Disrespectful': Hamilton councillor apologises for parking over a disabled spot

"There is no excuse for myself, an able-bodied person, to park in a mobility car park."

The candidates on the stage.

'Sad and shameful': Racism and bigotry at Hamilton's big mayoral debate

But is there a glimpse of change for The Tron?

Lisa Lewis on The AM Show.

Mayoral candidate vows to never streak again

Lisa Lewis found fame with her clothes off, but now wants to don Hamilton's mayoral chains.


Inside Hamilton's biggest mayoral debate

Hayden Donnell was there for all the policy arguments, and a bit of local government-based rap.

Mitchell Paterson was one of three people killed in the Waikato in two weeks.

Waikato gang boss sentenced for McLaren Falls manslaughter killed before

He's been jailed for 13 years.

Bark was taken from outside the Pet Doctors on Monday night.

Bring Back Bark: Waikato Police search for beloved dog statue

The iconic statue was stolen on Monday night.

A Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service is now a reality.

Auckland-Hamilton rail service slammed for only going to Papakura

Transport campaigners are disappointed it'll be quicker to drive.

A Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service is now a reality.

Hamilton commuter train may eventually reach Britomart

Hamiltonians disappointed the new rail service will stop at Papakura are being asked to be patient.


NZTA approves $92m Hamilton to Auckland rail service

The Transport Minister says it's an important first step.

Skully has made a mysterious return.

Hamilton fire truck reunited with 'Skully', but he's missing one thing

He's back - mysteriously.