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Manta5 makes the world's first hydrofoil e-bike.

The Hamilton-based company making bikes that glide on water

The Spinoff talked to the founder of Manta5, Guy Howard-Willis, about the world’s first hydrofoil e-bike.

Watch: The $500 a week reason KiwiSaver is better than Lotto.

Lotto: $10.2 million won with Powerball First Division

Three other players also take home $250,000 each.

Watch: Health Minister David Clark has been accused of interfering in agreements between DHBs and their staff.

Hospital staff go on strike for living wage

Waikato Hospital staff hope their pleas for better pay will be heard.

Watch: Why do stores run out of chicken? And why is the thickshake machine always broken?

KFC delivery is back and bigger than ever

But it's not for everyone.

A plane makes a crash landing at Hamilton Airport.

Watch: Dramatic footage of crash landing at Hamilton Airport

What happens when a plane's front wheel collapses on landing?

Footage of the incident.

Watch: Terrifying video shows 'drunk' driver swing across lanes near Hamilton

"I saw her almost cause two head-on collisions."

Watch: Hamilton's getting a train to Auckland soon.

Opinion: Why it's time to move the capital to Hamilton

The move would force politicians at large to mingle with the proles, writes Don Rowe.

Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

'About bloody time' Hamilton had a commuter train to Auckland

But the proposed 'Tron Express' might not be express enough to get Hamiltonians on board.

Photo: Construction on the Longswamp section of the expressway in October 2017.

No end in sight for Auckland to Hamilton roadworks

It's been six years since major roadworks began.

Map centered on Horsham

Nine reported injured, power down after Waikato crash

Power has been restored to the vast majority of affected properties.

CopCar Karaoke with Waikato police.

Driver caught swiping on Tinder while driving

Waikato cops say pull over if you need to 'swipe right'.

Jamie Strange and Priyanca Radhakrishnan wrote near-identical opinion pieces.

Labour MPs publish near-identical opinion pieces in local paper

In a brazen move, they were placed almost side-by-side across a double-page spread.


Hamilton City Council's attempt to ban street prostitution might be illegal

Even the council admits it's on shaky legal ground.

Watch: Fellow Hamilton Councillors criticised James Casson for his comments.

Hamilton Councillor apologises for controversial Christchurch comments

"People who know me know I am not a racist person."


'Dickhead': Hamilton Councillors slam colleague for Christchurch comments

James Casson has been accused of "feeding racism" for saying the country should stop mourning.

Siggi Henry and James Casson.

Two Hamilton City Councillors spark outrage

They've hit the headlines for the wrong reasons at the same time.

Watch: In February the Tax Working Group recommended a capital gains tax.

Hamilton landlord pumps up rent, blames Labour

A woman feels her family is being "punished" by property investors unhappy about the CGT.

Watch: A group representing property investors says renters like letting fees.

Landlord's call to scare tenants into not voting for Labour

Renters are horrified, but officials say he's not doing anything illegal.

The Waikato River.

Waikato River becomes first in NZ to be mapped on Google Street View

Now all 425km of it can be explored from anywhere in the world.


Te Rapa crash leaves cyclist seriously injured

Motorists are asked to avoid the area.