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All New Zealand supermarkets are owned by two companies.

Could a third supermarket bring prices down?

Australia has food prices figured out, says Newsroom editor Bernard Hickey.

Instagram cafe

Hipster restaurant gives Instagram kits to diners

The "NYC-inspired" chain was designed for those with an active social media presence.

Nutritionist Mikki Williden

Nutritionist slams Kiwis' Weetbix love affair

"As if a bowl of Weetbix is going to fuel the All Blacks through a heavy morning of training!"

Karanbir Cheema died in hospital 12 days after the incident.

UK boy dies after cheese sandwich 'flicked in his mouth'

The 13-year-old, severely allergic to dairy, was hit in the lip with cheese.

Mince on toast is common in New Zealand cafes and homes.

Brits disgusted at Kiwi culinary classic

Mince on toast has been labelled an "abomination" and a "monstrosity".

Pics and Lewis Road ice-cream

Pic's and Lewis Road collaboration to hit shelves

Have we got a cool scoop for you.

Tom Cruise

Revealed: Tom Cruise's bizarre diet

The movie superstar doesn't eat like the rest of us, according to someone who worked with him.

Big Ben pie

Hamilton's pie king of the north

Move over vikings, here's the Kiwi pie king - out to show Norway what real food is.

Vegetarian meal option aboard Aegean Airlines flight.

Could this be the dullest airline meal ever?

He wanted a vegetarian meal, but wasn't expecting a pile of raw vegetables.

Woman taking photo of pumpkin soup with smartphone

How to food 'gram like a pro

If you had a meal and didn't post it on Instagram, did it even happen?

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You say Lotato, I say just eat a potato FFS

Low-carb potato eaters will simply find themselves eating more than they usually would, writes Wendyl Nissen.

Food Drink

Drone-delivered pizza by the end of the year

Fast-food delivery in New Zealand is reaching new heights.

(Twitter / Tāmati Coffey)

Restaurant offers shame-free food to poor

"Some people feel they can't ask for it in front of customers... That is not fair."

Brie-oncé (Robin Collective/Instagram)

Brie-oncé: Beyoncé turned into cheese

If you like it you gouda put a ring on it, say the creators.

Fruit, vegetables in supermarket

Kiwis nuts about homegrown greens - survey

We also want to know exactly where our food's coming from, the survey says.

An UberEats, operated by Uber Technologies Inc., branded box sits on a motor scooter in London, U.K., on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016. The food delivery business model has proven attractive to venture capitalists, who last year poured $5.5 billion into food-delivery companies globally, according to research firm CB Insights. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

UberEATS launches in Auckland

The ride-sharing service now delivers food to your door when you can't be bothered getting off the couch.

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A plate of locusts: Te Papa serves up bug burger

Fancy a chicken burger adorned with locusts and ants in the aioli?

Tostitos chip

New Tostitos chip bag tells you if you're drunk

The tasty snack now also acts as a breathalyser.

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Taste-testing a KFC candle

This is what happens when you eat a KFC candle.

nutella jars on supermarket shelf getty

Main Nutella ingredient 'a cancer risk'

Palm oil gives Nutella that famous spreadable consistency.