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Animal Cruelty

Heartbreaking video of calves being taken from mother

It's part of SAFE's campaign against dairy.

Every year the Melbourne Cup in Australia draws the ire of animal rights activists.

The dark side of the Melbourne Cup

Protestors chanted 'horse racing kills' at Monday's parade.

Fireworks - should they be banned?

Vets want fireworks at home banned

They say it would see fewer animals left traumatised and hurt.

The formerly abused dog is terrified of "almost everything" except her 23-month-old bestie.

Rescue dog and toddler become best friends

The formerly abused dog is terrified of "almost everything" except her 23-month-old bestie.

El Rey Magnum.

'Cartoon' horse raises selective breeding concerns

The appearance of the young horse has been criticised as "ridiculous".

Pets and children are at risk in Auckland suburb of Parnell.

Outrage after illegal gin trap cripples Auckland kitten

Pets and children are at risk in Auckland suburb of Parnell.

"Its neck was bent at a funny angle and it was struggling to stay afloat."

Canterbury police save duck after brutal beating

"When we arrived we witnessed a man bashing a duck with a large piece of wood."

A friendly Maine Coon cat relaxes indoors.

Serial cat-killer feared in UK

More than 300 cats and foxes have been found dead, their bodies mutilated.

Animal Cruelty

Malnourished dog's rescue caught on body camera

The Auckland dog can be seen flinching away from its saviour.


Chlorine-washed chicken sparks trade debate between nations

NZ is one of the countries where chickens are washed in chlorine prior to eating.

Animal Cruelty

Farmer fined for hitting cows with 4WD

The judge said the man's conviction sent a clear message that that sort of animal cruelty would not be tolerated.

Children should be allowed to kill possums for cash, group says

Let kids kill possums for cash - Fed Farmers

Banning the practise is a "knee-jerk reaction", the group's president says.

Baby brushtail possum joey (AAP / file)

Baby possums drowned at 'inhumane' school fundraiser

An activist has slammed the school possum hunts as "completely inappropriate".

Max was left shot dead by an unknown attacker.

Cats, dogs being tortured and slain in Invercargill

There has been a sickening rise in seemingly random cases of animal cruelty recently.

Animal Cruelty

Teen puffs pot smoke into kitten's face

The RSPCA fears it's not the first time the kitten has been exposed to the drug.

Guinea pig generic (Getty)

Mystery in Dunedin as guinea pigs, rabbits vanish

Some remain missing, others have been returned badly injured, while others were found dead.

Dog meat festival in Yulin, China

Dog meat to be banned from controversial festival

Thousands of dogs, a number of them stolen pets, are slaughtered and served in the Yulin festival.

Animal Cruelty

Teen disgusts internet with video of guinea pig in microwave

Her own father reported her to police.

Animal Cruelty

Aussie uses crab to open beer, polarises viewers

The man continually pushes his VB in the crab's face and it finally lashes out, grabbing the lid and popping it off.

Animal Cruelty

Dying Pikachu dragged offstage

No mercy was shown to the innocent creature.