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Watch Isobel Ewing report on charges.

MP's son and husband face animal cruelty charges

So does the company she owns shares in.

Efeso Collins wants Auckland Council to lobby the Government on a fireworks ban.

Councillors push for NZ-wide fireworks ban

"Fireworks [are] going off at all sorts of times of the evening."

Animal Cruelty

SPCA seeking information following pet shootings

A dog and cat have been seriously injured in separate incidents.

Rodeo protesters and fans squared off in Waikato on Saturday.

Rodeo industry to 'fight back' against protests

Around 130 people gathered at the Waikato Rodeo on Saturday to call for an end to the sport's "cruelty".

Logan Paul.

YouTube suspends ads on Logan Paul's channel

His latest video shows him using a taser two dead rats.

Ms Aldecosea claims a Spirit staffer suggested she flush the hamster down an airport toilet.

Woman says airline pressured her to flush hamster down toilet

Belen Aldecosea is considering suing Spirit Airlines over the incident.

The falling Canada goose caused the hunter 'severe' head injury and knocked out two of his teeth.

Hunter knocked out by falling goose shot by own hunting party

The dead bird caused the hunter 'severe' head injury and two lost teeth.

Animal Cruelty

Scientists teach orca to talk

But there is a darker side to Wikie's new trick.

Protesters were in Warkworth last week.

Rodeos fail to buck off protesters

Animal rights activists are promising to be outside the Mid Northern Rodeo at Whangarei on Saturday.

Is reducetarianism the ethical answer?

The problem with Veganuary, meat-free Mondays and Dry July

These all-or-nothing movements are setting you up for failure, argues Maggie Wicks.

'The Greatest Showman' stars Zac Efron, Zendaya and Hugh Jackman.

Petition demands Golden Globes snub The Greatest Showman

The film, starring Hugh Jackman, is being accused of celebrating animal cruelty and exploitation.

The driver can be heard laughing before swerving to hit another kangaroo, apparently deliberately.

Kangaroos hit by car in disturbing video

The man laughs and appears to target the marsupials deliberately.

A group of Christchurch protestors want the Government to put a full ban on rodeos.

Second anti-rodeo protest calling for ban

More than 80 people will gather outside Mandeville Sports Club this morning.

Over 100 people peacefully protested the Auckland Warkworth Rodeo on Monday.

Rodeo industry pushes back against protestors

Industry officials say there is no evidence the sport is cruel to animals.

It's gonna be hot, for both humans and dogs.

Don't forget your dog in these days of summer

If sitting in the car is proving too hot to handle, then it's no place to leave the family pooch.

Chicken rooster

Chicken tied to car in Auckland rush hour

North Shore motorists were shocked to see a chicken being towed behind a car on Thursday evening.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 05:  Cawbourne Tiger races home to win the Jack's Wholesale Meats Stake during the 2009 Greyhound Auckland Cup meeting at Manukau Greyhound Racing Club on March 5, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

Veterinary Association calls for urgent action on greyhound report

They say greyhound welfare must be significantly improved for racing to continue.

Animal Cruelty

Racing Integrity Unit under pressure over greyhound live-baiting

Brendan Cole's former employee says it should investigate parallel to the SPCA.

Animal Cruelty

Former employees accuse Brendan Cole of greyhound live-baiting

They say he used rabbits, possums, chickens and even guinea pigs as bait.

Animal Cruelty

Mother of one of the kids involved in 'sickening' kitten video says it's 'unacceptable'

They also removed three more kittens from the house of one of the offenders.