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Watch: Christchurch fish and chip shop stops selling popular tarakihi as stock levels hit 'crisis point'.

Cut down on fish and chips to save fish and chips - LegaSea

LegaSea says we can't have our fish and eat it too.


Leading protest group gathers to mark 50 years of activism

"Racism is a scourge that is still very much alive."


Watch: Fatboy Slim sends crowd wild with Greta Thunberg remix

"Right here, right now."

Watch: Piers Morgan imitates Greta Thunberg.

Piers Morgan slammed for Greta Thunberg impersonation

The TV host's on-air outburst has been called an "all-time low".

Watch: Guerrilla Girls' member 'Frida Kahlo' spoke to The Project.

Guerrilla Girls feminist group brings message of art inequality to NZ

"We were guerrillas before we became gorillas."

Watch: Auckland organisers Gwyneth Parallag and Sarah Paton-Beverley speak to The AM Show.

The NZ businesses closing their doors to support the climate strike

Some are giving their staff long lunches, a meeting-free day or shutting up shop altogether.

Watch: The protest.

'Infringing on the right of others': World reacts to 'vegan vigilantes'

"Should we carry canes while shopping?"

The 16yo Swedish activist has arrived in New York for a UN climate change summit.

Teen climate change activist arrives in New York after two-week sail

Greta Thunberg embarked on the journey in a solar-panelled yacht.


Rammstein kiss on Moscow stage to protest anti-LGBTQ Putin

The two men locking lips may have broken Russia's controversial laws.

Trump labelled Antifa "gutless radical left wack jobs".

'Radical left wack jobs': Trump says he might declare Antifa a terror group

"Would make it easier for police to do their job!"

Supermarkets throughout the country are on high alert.

Vegans refusing to back down on war against meat industry

Activists say people need to know the ethics behind their meals.

Vegan protesters took to the streets of Perth, interrupting diners with details of animal slaughter.

Vegan activists target patrons at popular Perth tapas bar

The activists lectured customers as they ate their meals.

Watch: Animal rights protestors ground Melbourne to a halt after they blocked off a major intersection.

'Contains dead body': Vegan 'meat-shaming' stunt enrages Australia

"We don't tell you how to be a vegetarian... don't tell us what we can or cannot eat."

Watch: The IPCC report warned global warming must stay below 1.5degC.

Naked climate change protesters flash British MPs

Politicians trying to debate Brexit were a little distracted.


'Meat the victims' - Hundreds of vegans trespass Australian farm

"Until we come to a fair agreement, we're not going to stop."

Watch: A student asked the Prime Minister what impact the student climate strike will have

Why this week proves children are better than adults

Young people are putting middle-aged moaners to shame, says Emily Writes.


NZ can be an 'example' to Russia and Australia - Pussy Riot

"I hope one day we can have rallies like this in front of Parliament."

Watch: Maria 'Masha' Alyokhina says Russia's oppressive regime could happen anywhere.

Pussy Riot's urgent message to New Zealand

The Russian protest collective says Kiwis should keep their balaclavas close at hand.

Watch:New Zealand's first Vegan Pie Awards were held recently

Activists erect billboard urging Wellington to go vegan

The group behind it reckons most people already believe in the movement.


Plunket attacks peace group's credibility over opposing fake bomb comments

It follows the now-infamous Jordan Peterson interview with Sean Plunket last week.