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Australian feminist Clementine Ford spoke to Newshub about what men get wrong about her.

'Male-hater misandrist' Clementine Ford in her own words

The Australian author on free speech, Lauren Southern and why she tweets about killing men.


Watch: Vegans play cow slaughter audio at steak restaurant

Diners were treated to an unexpected protest during their meal.

Pallbearers carried Penny Bright's coffin to the song 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'.

Friends write on Penny Bright's coffin at emotional funeral

Hundreds remembered the activist as "a champion of good over evil".

Penny Bright was a friend and rival of John Banks.

Penny Bright the 'woman warrior' to be remembered

Her funeral will be held at St Matthew-in the-City in Auckland on Sunday afternoon.


Standing Rock activist who was shot by police faces jail time

He was left with serious and permanent damage.

John Banks talks to RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury.

Penny Bright was a 'kindred spirit' - John Banks

"Right to the end she was her own person - we don't have enough of them."

Penny Bright was 64.

Penny Bright 'a fighter and a warrior for truth and justice'

Her friend Lisa Prager says she'll try to fix problems in heaven.

Taiwan Gay Pride Parade

Malaysia PM says no to same sex marriage

There is growing persecution against the LGBT community in the country.

Transgender women have faced an uphill battle in being accepted by feminists.

Feminism's final frontier: Transgender inclusion

A Suffrage Day exploration of the shifting meaning of womanhood.

Pyotr Verzilov was experiencing loss of movement and vision, his bandmates said.

Pussy Riot member hospitalised in Russia after alleged poisoning

He was experiencing loss of movement and vision, his bandmates said.

Watch: Transgender women face an uphill battle to be accepted by feminists.

Feminist MPs throw support behind transgender women

It comes as Kiwi activists clash over what it means to be a woman.

Ramón Bedoya’s father was killed after protesting against palm oil.

2017 the deadliest year ever for environmental activists

Nearly four people were murdered each week in the name of the environment.

Far right speaker Lauren Southern spoke to Sky News Australia saying she felt "zero shame" about her ethnicity.

Free Speech Coalition files legal action against Phil Goff

It comes after he chose to prevent far-right activists speaking at Auckland Council venues.

Penny Bright has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Penny Bright diagnosed with 'incurable' cancer

The activist says stress over the forced sale of her home has made her sick.

Emma González addressed the massive crowds at the March For Our Lives rally.

Parkland school shooting survivor's stunning silence

Emma González ended her speech in tears, without words.

Lorde won't play Israel.

More than 100 artists sign pledge supporting Lorde's Israel decision

Those who signed include Angela Davis, Mark Ruffalo, John Cusack, and Kathleen Hanna.

Over 100 people peacefully protested the Auckland Warkworth Rodeo on Monday.

Rodeo industry pushes back against protestors

Industry officials say there is no evidence the sport is cruel to animals.

Stefan Sunde leader of young nats

I was wrong to call young politicians d*ckheads

What type of young person joins politics when they could be out getting drunk?


'Trash man' wears his rubbish for a month

Rob Greenfield has rubbish taste in clothes - to make a point about waste.

Free the Nipple protesters on the sand at Mission Bay

Beachgoers turn out to 'Free the Nipple'

A group of protesters caused a big stir in Mission Bay on Saturday.