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Working dogs in Australia

Bugger! MPI's tightening of dog on ute law 13 minutes ago

One farmer is rubbishing the change saying "it's ridiculous".


Taranaki man goes on ridiculous crime rampage

He allegedly crashed two cars, broke into a house and bit a police dog in a single night.

He's lost four toes and his hope in our health system.

Taranaki father-of-two afflicted by mysterious flesh-eating disease

He's lost four toes and his hope in our health system.

Seven people lost their lives.

Waverley crash victim Rosalie Porteous survived previous horror smash

She was cut out of another crash just a year ago.


What we know about the Waverley crash victims

Seven people lost their lives in the tragic crash, and one person is in hospital in a critical condition.


Elderly couple, friends victims of Waverley crash

The local bowling club is "shocked and sad".


Community left confused and heartbroken after Waverley crash

"By lunchtime the whole community was in absolute shock."


8yo dies following horror Taranaki crash

The death toll from the crash is now seven.


Anti-fluoride activists unlikely to give up - Water NZ

A Supreme Court ruling might not be enough to silence the alternative science lobby.

Six people were killed after a head-on collision in Waverley, South Taranaki.

Waverley crash NZ's worst accident in 13 years

Six people were killed in the head-on collision, including a newborn baby.

frost on grass

Life hacks: Keeping warm during the cold snap

Last night was the coldest in years, but most of New Zealand's housing is not up to scratch.


Supreme Court rules against Taranaki anti-fluoride campaigners

The court said fluoridation does not breach the Bill of Rights Act.

He also left behind fingerprints and a soiled pair of Batman underwear.

Dumb burglar allegedly steals iPod, uploads selfies to victim's account

He also left behind fingerprints and a soiled pair of Batman underwear.


Icy blast causes havoc across the country

South Island shivers and it's heading north.

New Zealand's most well-endowed regions have been revealed.

The regions worst affected by NZ's large condom crisis

It appears Hawke's Bay and Northland didn't really notice the shortage...

A simulation shows what would happen to Auckland.

Would you survive if Mt Taranaki erupted?

If you stay in this zone death is almost certain.

A simulation shows what would happen to Auckland.

Mt Taranaki eruption 'almost certain' within our lifetime - Civil Defence

It's not a matter of "if" - it's a matter of "when".

The tornado caused over 3000 power cuts in the north Taranaki region on Monday.

Incredible footage captures tornado in Taranaki

The brutal weather in the region has wiped out power to more than 3000 homes.


Mystery surrounds grille cat's trip to Taranaki

He's from Ngāruawāhia, a small town the driver did not stop in.


Grille cat's family found

"He will be going back to a very happy family."