Constitutional review a sham: Peters

  • 13/03/2012

NZ First has spurned a government offer to take part in a constitutional review.

Leader Winston Peters says it's a sham that's been fixed up by National and the Maori Party.

The Government announced the constitutional review before the election and it's entrenched in the coalition deal with the Maori Party.

"The Treaty of Waitangi will be the cornerstone of any constitution designed by these people and it means every New Zealander will be subject to the irrational psycho-legal-babble that surrounds the treaty's mythical principles," Mr Peters said today.

"Taxpayers of all races will face decades of expensive, politically correct, culturally sensitive, obfuscated mumbo jumbo."

The Government has invited all the parties in parliament to take part in the review.

There's no time limit on the review process.


source: newshub archive

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