Dirty Politics: What they said

  • 15/08/2014

Nicky Hager's latest book Dirty Politics dishes dirt on the National government and has had a lot of people talking, including politicians. Here's a roundup of what the book contains and people's reactions to it.

Allegations in the book include:

  • The PM's office used its knowledge of secret SIS documents to tip off Slater to attack the Labour leader in the 2011 election campaign
  • Mr Ede drafted Official Information Act requests that were passed on to Slater
  • Political strategist Simon Lusk was also involved on many of the plans that were laid
  • Ms Collins emailed Slater an account of Labour's Trevor Mallard making a fool of himself
  • Slater boasted Mr Key had called him after the blogger was attacked over his comments about a West Coast man killed in a road crash
  • A plot was hatched to blackmail former ACT leader Rodney Hide.

What they have to say:

  • "Nicky Hager has been drawing pictures, drawing dots, thinks that he's got a picture of a conspiracy, but he's actually got a bunch of squiggly lines, it's something a four-year-old at kindergarten would draw" - Cameron Slater
  • "Dirty politics is legal, hacking my private computer is not. Your book is based on the product of a criminal act" - Cameron Slater
  • "Funnily enough it's exactly what it says on the cover: it is a dirty politics book" - Steven Joyce
  • "We've had a gutsful of this kind of politics and think New Zealanders have too" - Labour leader David Cunliffe
  • "I think this is an over-hyped, under-delivered book from a left-wing conspiracy theorist five weeks before an election" - Judith Collins
  • "Sadly for the prime minister it goes to his office in the same way it went to Nixon's office during the Watergate scandal" - NZ First leader Winston Peters
  • "Nicky Hager has discovered that politicians talk to the media. I feel I should confess that I too am guilty" - ACT leader Jamie Whyte
  • "This [information] shines a light on something which otherwise might have been secret for the rest of time and the public has a total right to know this" - Nicky Hager
  • "National is trying to dismiss dirty and dodgy behaviour as business as usual. It is not" - Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei
  • "This is not normal political behaviour and must not be seen as such" - Internet Party leader Laila Harre
  • "This book is a damning expose on how the prime minister's office operates and shows the true side of National's 'attack politics' that gives real weight to the description of Key as the 'Smiling Assassin'" - Mana leader Hone Harawira.


source: newshub archive