Greyound inquiry called for

  • 19/02/2013

Parliament is going to be asked to support an independent inquiry into the fate of injured greyhounds and those no longer fit for racing.

The Greyhound Protection League will present a petition on Wednesday asking for the inquiry.

The Green Party's animal welfare spokeswoman, Mojo Mathers, will accept the league's petition on the steps of parliament at 1pm.

"Legitimate questions are being asked about what is happening to the dogs who are injured, don't make the grade or are no longer fit for racing," she said.

"We need to know what is happening to these dogs as we have a responsibility to ensure that animals used for our entertainment are well cared for throughout their whole lives."

Ms Mathers says "troubling questions" have been raised in the media about the fate of hundreds of greyhounds every year.

A TV3 documentary broadcast in October last year reported hundreds of greyhounds listed as retired were actually being put down by their trainers because they couldn't run fast enough to win.

Petitions are sent to a parliamentary committee which decides whether the Government should respond to them.


source: newshub archive