Key not talking about fundraising dinner

  • 07/03/2014

Fancy fundraising dinners raising thousands of dollars from undisclosed donors aren't "tricky", and the National Party won't be disclosing the identities of the donors, Prime Minister John Key says.

In 2010, the National Party held a dinner raising $105,000 from 21 donors who each paid $5000 to dine at Auckland's pricey Parnell restaurant Antoine's - but Mr Key says the fundraising effort was within the rules.

The revelations on The Nation today come just days after Labour leader David Cunliffe was found to have used a trust to hide the identity of donors who gave him money to fund last year's leadership campaign, which Mr Key says breaches parliament's register of pecuniary interests.

Mr Cunliffe has named three of the five donors, but Mr Key said the Labour leader should be transparent about all the donors so the public can assess if there's a conflict of interest or not.

"In the end, people have given him money to become the leader. So aren't we entitled to know who those people are?" Mr Key said.

But Mr Key told The Nation donations given to the National Party at a number of dinners held at Antoine's don't need to be disclosed.

"People buying tables at a dinner is absolutely standard. In my understanding it's within the rules.

"Most of the major political parties have done that."

He said naming the donors was a matter for National Party president Peter Goodfellow and he wouldn't be looking into it.


source: newshub archive