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Shearer to set out Labour's agenda

Friday 25 Jan 2013 2:51 p.m.

David Shearer

David Shearer

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Labour leader David Shearer will set out his party's 2013 agenda in a state of the nation speech on Sunday and says voters won't be in any doubt about where it stands.

Policy announcements are expected but he wasn't giving those away on Friday.

"This is going to set the scene for 2013, where we're coming from, and saying to people they will have a real choice in 2014," he told reporters at Ratana pa.

"We need to change the way we do things... that means making sure we have more jobs, affordable housing, and that our schools turn out kids who can go in to work rather than dropping out."

Mr Shearer says he isn't advocating bigger government or "nanny state" policies.

"It's about making government smarter, more active in getting behind New Zealanders and what they want."

Mr Shearer says governments around the world are changing and becoming more active because market-led responses didn't work and led to the international financial crisis.

"Now, governments get in there and make things happen, like our housing policy - building houses and actually making a difference to people's lives."


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