NZer dies in Thai gas explosion

  • 10/06/2013

A New Zealand engineer and a Thai man have been killed trying to rescue a couple who passed out due to a gas leak at a biomass power plant in southern Thailand.

Police said the two perished at the plant in Trang province, 680km south of Bangkok, as they tried to reach the couple inside a three-storey ventilation chimney on Monday.

Police Lieutenant Chalongchai Chapan told the Bangkok Post the accident happened shortly after midnight (local time) when the husband and wife passed out from toxic gas believed to be ammonia.

The New Zealand engineer, aged 36, and Thai employee Rod Singkham, 31, saw the incident and entered the chimney to bring the unconscious couple out to safety. Instead, both rescuers died, the paper reported.

The unconscious couple were later pulled to safety by other employees of the biomass plant.

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was not able to immediately confirm the details.


source: newshub archive