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Emergency services were called to Kairaki Beach about 1:20pm.

Police ask for jet-skier death witnesses

Police have appealed for information from the public following the death of a jet-skier at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.

Emma Beattie.

Options 'exhausted' in search for Emma Beattie

The search for the missing Rangiora woman is being scaled back.

Diversions were put in place after the accident and police are still investigating the cause.

Police seeking witness in Canterbury crash

Police are appealing for a doctor who assisted at the scene of a Canterbury crash to come forward.


How the heatwave affects your body's organs

"Our bodies are really struggling at the moment because the temperatures have increased so quickly."

The 11 search and rescue teams out on Saturday will keep looking for her until 6pm, police say.

Search for missing Rangiora woman ongoing

Search teams are out again in the Ashley River area looking for Rangiora woman Emma Beattie, missing now for more than a week.

Waimakariri River, Braided river course, shallow, wide, inter-weaving channels, Over supply of sediments, July, Aerial, Canterbury Plains, New Zealand. (Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Man killed after Jet Ski incident

The accident occurred at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.

The cause of the trout rash is still a mystery.

Canterbury trout rash puts waterways on lockdown

Fish and Game isn't taking any chances until the cause of the potential disease is found.


Asbestos discovered in Temuka water supply

Health officials say it's safe to drink, but you may have to throw out clothes on the line.


Kiwi mum leaves children home alone to travel overseas

She told her pre-teen girl through a text that she was leaving.


3 firefighters injured in Ashburton fire

50 firefighters were battling the massive blaze.

Until experts know the cause of the rash, Canterbury anglers are warned to be on high alert.

Canterbury trout rash still a mystery

Two popular lakes have been closed to the public while samples are tested.

Emma Beattie

Young woman missing from Fernside

Emma Beattie was last seen on Friday night, and no one's heard from her since.

The tests are expected to take around three weeks.

Canterbury lakes close due to fish rash

Two Canterbury lakes have been closed and the Ministry for Primary Industries is carrying out tests after a number of rainbow trout were found with a rash.

Christchurch-born Ben Stokes in happier times.

English cricket stoking the home fires

Ben Stokes' selection for Canterbury sets a dangerous precedent, claims Tony Wright.

The truck is being left where it is to prevent the canopy from collapsing.

Seafood truck wedged under petrol station canopy

It appears the driver misjudged the height.

George Agnew's 7.6m yacht Solar Heat was found abandoned on Lake Benmore on Saturday morning.

Search for missing Canterbury man

Police are concerned for the safety of 66-year-old George Agnew after his boat was found abandoned on Saturday morning.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

'Concertina' cycle crash puts nine in hospital

Nine people were taken to hospital after the accident involving 40 cyclists near Leeston.

The car in question.

Clamped car in empty carpark enrages Canterbury academic

Warning: this video contains some very NSFW language.


Horse riders want motorists to slow down

A thousand of them are taking part in Sunday's National Ride for Road Safety.

Paula Bennie-Steel is one of 70 people who discovered unreported  damage in properties bought since the quakes.

EQC, insurance won't cover earthquake damage it failed to detect

Seventy Canterbury homeowners have found unreported damage.

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