Novopay holiday pay promise broken

  • 20/12/2012

Months of promises that teachers will be paid properly for the summer holidays have been broken, with the error-ridden Novopay system still not working as it should.

School staff received their last pay before Christmas overnight, and the issues that have continued since Novopay's rollout in August are still present, despite the company behind the system - Talent2 - promising the Ministry of Education it would have the problems ironed out.

The principal of Auckland's Snells Beach School, Jill Corkin, told Radio New Zealand new issues had arisen in the latest pay round, with teacher aides overpaid.

She says that was unexpected, after spending 10 hours in the past week battling to get a payment for a part-time worker who has not been paid properly since August.

"I was breathing a sigh of relief, not expecting anything else, and then we're hit with these overpayments to two other people which I just wasn't expecting and $5000 being deducted from our account that I wasn't expecting at all."

Ms Corkin says she has heard similar reports from principals elsewhere in Auckland.

She has had issues getting the message across to the people behind Novopay.

"Once you actually get through there, the people that you're speaking to on the other end of the phone just simply don't understand school payrolls and that has not improved at all."

Another principal, Denise Torrey from Christchurch's Somerfield School, says "bizarre things" have happened this pay round.

"We've had staff members who we haven't seen or employed for 18 months or two years now getting a significant amount of money. We've had holiday pay that was meant to be sorted out last time actually being paid again, and it's a totally bizarre calculation."

The latest bungles come just days after Education Ministry head Lesley Longstone quit because of "strains" between herself and Education Minister Hekia Parata.

Ms Parata has delegated authority for Novopay to Associate Education Minister Craig Foss, who said six weeks ago that he had received assurances that holiday pay would go through on time.


source: newshub archive