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New Zealand vs Fiji highlights.

Drunk league fan charged after botched pitch invasion

He failed to jump a barrier at the Kiwis vs Fiji game in Wellington, and may have broken his ankle.

They were carrying axes and wearing scarves over their mouths.

Aggravated robbery of Whanganui dairy

Men wielding axes have robbed a Whanganui dairy.

The woman will reappear in court on November 30.

Woman charged after man stabbed in Bluff

A 23-year-old woman has appeared in Invercargill District Court charged with assault after a 28-year-old man was stabbed in the arm.

Three people were apprehended after an aggravated robbery at a Palmerston North dairy.

Aggravated dairy robbery in Palmerston North

Police quickly rounded up three people.

Pua Magasiva

Shortland Street star charged for drink driving

Pua Magasiva was over the legal limit.

Arishma Chand.

Arrest made following Arishma Chand murder

A 41-year-old man has been charged with murder.


Police seize 49kg of meth in largest South Island drug bust

Two men have been arrested in Christchurch.

The one-year-old died after suffering from two fatal skull fractures.

Christchurch babysitter found guilty after toddler death

The one-year-old died after suffering from two fatal skull fractures.

Police generic.

Manurewa killer likely known to victim - police

Police believe the person who killed a young mother in south Auckland at the weekend was known to her.

A woman was robbed while trapped in her car.

Charges laid over car crash victim robbery

The victim's partner described the culprit as a 'piece of true scum'

Shayal Upashna Sami is charged with the murder of a toddler she was babysitting.

Alleged toddler-killer about to learn her fate

Shayal Upashna Sami is charged with the murder of a toddler she was babysitting.

A large number of people witnessed the assault and police would like to hear from them.

Assault in Belfast Burger King carpark

Christchurch police are talking to seven people about an assault in a Burger King carpark.

Two inmates were assaulted with makeshift weapons in separate incidents at Auckland Prison on Sunday.

Two prisoners assaulted with makeshift weapons

The two separate incidents took place at Auckland Prison.

Police are asking for witnesses and people with information to come forward.

Hamilton superette is robbed at gunpoint

Three men, two carrying firearms, have robbed the Ezi Park Greenwood Superette in Hamilton.

Police on the scene at Maich Rd.

Mystery surrounds death of young mum

Several police officers were seen on Maich Rd, Manurewa, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Fans partied, some a bit too hard, after Tonga's historic win over the Kiwis.

Celebrations and arrests follow Tonga's historic win

Celebrations spiralled into disorder, with fans preventing an ambulance from reaching a medical emergency.

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

Labour MP mugged 'in broad daylight'

Priyanca Radhakrishnan says a thief stole her handbag as she walked on Ponsonby Road.

Snoop Dogg is a big fan of marijuana.

Cannabis protesters want law stubbed out

Saturday marks 90 years since smoking cannabis was banned in New Zealand, and protests are planned.


Community helps elderly Auckland man robbed while gardening

Thieves stole his life savings, stealing cash and draining his bank account.


Police and Facebook launch new missing persons system

The AMBER Alerts system will be able to quickly notify Kiwi Facebook users.