PM to outline NZ's role in IS fight

  • 01/11/2014

A visit to Australia and a chat with Tony Abbott has given Prime Minister John Key a clearer understanding of what action New Zealand might take against Islamic State extremists.

Mr Key - who attended a World War I centenary event in Western Australia today - says he's spoken to Prime Minister Abbott about Australia's Iraq mission.

"There weren't any concrete decisions but we have a better understanding of where Australia is going and what it's proposing to do in Iraq," he told reporters in Albany.

Mr Key says he will give a speech on Wednesday outlining how New Zealand could deal with foreign fighters.

Australia has deployed about 600 defence personnel on its Iraq mission, with 200 on the ground in Iraq to assist local forces in their fight against Islamic State jihadists.

"At the end of the day, I think everybody understands we're going through our own process of gathering information and getting a sense of what sort of contribution we might make if we were to make one," Mr Key said.

The prime minister also rejected speculation the Government was planning to send 120 SAS troops to Iraq.

He has previously said New Zealand's options range from humanitarian aid to troop deployment, but sending special forces would be his least-preferred choice.


source: newshub archive