Witchcraft fears in Carterton rape trial

  • 18/06/2013

A Wairapapa teenager who was allegedly abducted and raped by a convicted criminal feared him because of "witchcraft" but often met up with him to smoke cannabis and visited him alone on several occasions in the weeks before alleged assault, a court has been told.

The woman, who was 17 at the time, revealed in court she was scared of her attacker Michael Shane Lihou, who she knew only as Shane, because he practised witchcraft.

But she admitted she had never told this to the police and often hung out in Carterton with him.

Lihou, 44, denies kidnapping, raping, sexually violating, assaulting and threatening to kill her on July 3 last year.

Today, the second day of the his trial in the High Court at Wellington, Lihou's defence lawyer Noel Sainsbury pointed out several occasions when she had visited Lihou and voluntarily gone back to his house alone.

On one occasion she had lied to her boyfriend through text messages saying she was "doing her nails" when she was at the park smoking cannabis with the accused.

She told the court her boyfriend didn't like her being with Lihou.

"Isn't the real reason that he didn't like you being with Shane was that he was jealous that something might have been going on?" he asked the girl.

"No, he wasn't jealous, he was concerned," she replied.

On another occasion the teenager failed to turn up at a close friend's house because she was at Lihou's home smoking and drinking.

"The other thing that you ended up doing that night was that you ended up having sex didn't you?" Mr Sainsbury asked.

"That didn't happen," she said.

The Crown alleges Lihou raped the girl six times on July 3 after they drank and smoked cannabis at his house before he forced her to walk out of town with him.

Lihou's defence says the sex was consensual and the assaults and kidnap did not happen.


source: newshub archive