Court rules in favour of expanding mine

  • 19/11/2012

The Environment Court has recommended that an application by mining company Newmont to increase its underground operations in Waihi be granted.

Green Party terrestrial mining spokesperson Catherine Delahunty says the ruling, released this evening, is disappointing as Waihi residents are concerned about the proposal to increase the depth of Martha Mine.

The court also ruled in favour of allowing the mine to carry out underground operations around the clock and to extend the hours of blasting.

Ms Delahunty and some locals had submitted to the court in favour of restricting the hours of operations and against extending the hours of blasting.

"Most submitters were not outright opposed to the proposal, they simply wanted reasonable restrictions placed on operations," Ms Delahunty said.

"It's a shame that these reasonable demands were ignored."

She says local residents will have to pay the price so that foreign-owned Newmont can make more profit which will be taken overseas.

Ms Delahunty urged Energy Minister Phil Heatley to reject Newmont's proposals.

Newmont is also seeking consent for a significant new mine in Waihi.


source: newshub archive