Doctor prescribed masturbation to patient

  • 14/07/2014

A doctor encouraged his patient to masturbate as treatment for her eating disorder and told her he thought about her outside of work hours.

And almost every time she saw him, he made a comment of a sexual nature and led the conversation to "self-pleasure" which he said would make her happier.

A Health and Disability Commissioner report released today found the doctor who treated the woman for her eating disorder, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder for five years crossed the line and failed in his treatment.

The doctor told her he wanted to lock her in a closet with something pleasurable and mentioned a movie with a number of people masturbating in it, she said.

The doctor admitted mentioning masturbating as a treatment to her, but said he never had any personal interest in his patient.

He also prescribed her a laxative, despite knowing she had a history of laxative abuse, and when she accidentally overdosed on zopiclone, he continued to prescribe large doses of it.

An expert adviser to the Health and Disability Commissioner said masturbation was not a clinically appropriate treatment for eating disorders.

Commissioner Anthony Hill found the doctor's repeated discussion of masturbation and inappropriate comments breached sexual boundaries.

The doctor also failed to treat his patient properly when he recommended low-pressure water enemas and deep abdominal massage and prescribed large amounts of zopiclone without reviewing it, Mr Hill found.

The commissioner recommended the doctor arrange a competency review with the Medical Council of New Zealand and remain in a mentoring relationship with two senior GPs until December 2015.


source: newshub archive